Or Ben Baruch

Or Ben Baruch Singer song writer. Started his career on: “Star Is Born” on TV and became as one of the finalists. Staring as “Roger” on the musical: “Rent”.  Or releases several singles from his own music. Social Links Youtube Facebook Instagram Bandcamp Tiktok


Enosh Singer song writer. Started from an early age to perform with releases of singles from his own music. Social Links Youtube Facebook Instagram Bandcamp Tiktok

Shira Margalit

Shira Margalit Singer song writer. Started her career on the TV project: The Band and became one of the favorites. Released several singles that became hits on the radio. Social Links Youtube Facebook Instagram Bandcamp Tiktok

Yoni Roe

Yoni Roe Songwriter, composer and performer. Produced and musically managed Shlomi Shabbat’s successful album: “Because of the Spirit”. He composed dozens of big hits for Israeli artists, such as “Mess from you” for Omer Adam, “Frii Ganach” for Aviva Avidan. He was the musical director and host of the TV show: “In the Tavern” which […]


Teapacks Teapacks, three times: “band of the year”, four Gold albums, 10 albums and many no.1 hits and they are still going strong. Teapacks the band, formed in 1988 by friends that lived, one in a Kibbutz and the other from Sderot (small town in the south of Israel). Teapacks expanded the Israeli sound with […]

Merav Siman Tov

Merav Siman Tov Singer song writer. At the age of 10 she was on stages and on TV series. Served in an army band. Released two solo albums. Wrote and composed many hits to leading artist in Israel. Social Links Youtube Facebook Instagram Bandcamp

Kobi Oz

Kobi Oz “My longing for longing”, “Divine”, “Desperation of the poor”.Singer, producer, writer and composer. He started his career as a keyboard player in the band “Shefatim”, founded the successful band “Tipacks” in which he is the lead singer and writes many of their songs, produced and musically managed artists at the beginning of their […]

Fishi Ha-Gadol

Fishi Ha-Gadol “One more brother”, “Ash I loved”, “Politicals”Adam Ben Lavi, known as Fishy the Great, is an Israeli music producer and rap and hip hop singer. He created five solo albums and other collaborations with various artists such as Shabak S., Hadeg Nahash, Skazi, Tipax and more. Social Links Youtube Facebook

Mercedes Band

Mercedes Band An Israeli Funk – Rock bands. The name is a twisted version of the car company. Started their career in Jerusalem and became famous all over with several hits. Social Links Youtube Facebook Instagram

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