Kobi Oz

“My longing for longing”, “Divine”, “Desperation of the poor”.
Singer, producer, writer and composer. He started his career as a keyboard player in the band “Shefatim”, founded the successful band “Tipacks” in which he is the lead singer and writes many of their songs, produced and musically managed artists at the beginning of their career, such as Hadag Nahash, Knesiyat Hasechel, Shimon Buskila and more, composed music for theater plays and movies. In 2004 he released his first solo album: “Tears and Seas” and since then he has created two more solo albums, continues his work in his solo career and in the band “Tipacks” and broadcasts a radio show on the “Kan” corporation.
He won the Liebeber Award for tolerance of religion, discourse and culture, the Ministry of Education and Culture award in the field of music, the Akum Award as Lyricist of the Year and was chosen to light a torch on Israel’s 61st Independence Day.

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