Teapacks Teapacks, three times: “band of the year”, four Gold albums, 10 albums and many no.1 hits and they are still going strong. Teapacks the band, formed in 1988 by friends that lived, one in a Kibbutz and the other from Sderot (small town in the south of Israel). Teapacks expanded the Israeli sound with […]

Merav Siman Tov

Merav Siman Tov Singer song writer. At the age of 10 she was on stages and on TV series. Served in an army band. Released two solo albums. Wrote and composed many hits to leading artist in Israel. Social Links Youtube Facebook Instagram Bandcamp

Shimon Buskila

Shimon Buskila Buskila is considered one of the most brilliant composers in Israeli music, has collaborated with leading singers and is responsible for many hits. The artists for whom Buskila composed songs include: Shlomo Artzi, Sarit Haddad, Shiri Maimon, Kobi Peretz, Lior Narkis, Miri Mesika and more. Social Links Youtube Facebook Instagram Bandcamp


Tuna “Gam Ze Yaavor”, “Scharchoret”, “Rock 30”, “Yud Alef 2”. Itay Zvulon AKA Tuna, a rapper that started his career on the band: “hashvet” and from there to: “Tunaman Jones”. on 2015 he collaborate with Nir Danan and Yakir Ben Tov and formed: “Tuna”. they Released the album: “Gam Ze Yaavor” that became a huge […]

Hemi Rudner

Hemi Rudner Hemi Rudner, the lead vocalist of the rock band: “Eifo Hayeled” made also a great career as a solo artist. on the year 2000 he released his debut solo album: “Geula”. Hemi made many hits as a solo artist and released the albums: “Melancolia Ahuvati”, “Hemla”, Mechonat Hashirim Hagdola”, “Zman Asif”, “Yehoma”. In […]

Haim Uliel

Haim Uliel “Tni Lo Lalechet”, “Simaney Seara”, “Ish Vekinor”. Haim Uliel, musician, guitar player and performer, the founder of the band: Sfataim. regarded as the godfather of moroccan music in Israel and the one that made the fusion between moroccan and Israeli music. Social Links Youtube

Hadag Nahash

Hadag Nahash One of the leading hip hop bands in Israel. Formed in Jerusalem in 1996. 8 albums, two of them became “gold” albums, 4 live albums, many mega hits with a huge fan base. The members of the band write and protest on issues like social activities and about real life in Israel. Social […]

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